My creative work manifests through spatial, and two dimensional visual statements at the intersection of a life long exploration of materials/fluid processes, and the basic elements of art.

Because spatial art physically exists in our realm as an interaction of space and object, as do humans, we respond, and relate to the shared vulnerabilities, and limitations, inherent to physical matter. Neither sculpture, nor human, can occupy the same space at the same time, and both may shatter if dropped...neither is an illusion. We can walk behind a sculpture, and touch the other side.

Thus, I love creating in the third dimension. I embrace the toughness of moving heavy, physical materials that may shatter if dropped, combining unlikely objects, building, climbing a ladder to suspend a heavy sculpture to a ceiling with chains, finding and hauling the perfect hollowed tree to the studio, the sound of power as the gas torch ignites, watching hard metal become molten, the smell of clay on my hands and the smoke of a pit fire, the softness of moving fabric, sticks and dirt, and the way a hollowed tree looks heaviest, and fabric the sheerest, when entwined.

Because two dimensional art exists as an illusion of our reality, it reflects the shared vulnerabilities of humans, and objects, minus the actual consequences of ignoring those vulnerabilities. Sculpture, and human, can simultaneously appear to occupy an illusion of space at the same time, and, neither will truly shatter if they appear to drop. Unbound by our limitations, the possibilities are endless for a synchronous play of worlds colliding, heaven/hell as a singular location, color, moving color, blurred time and overlapping imagery, alternate realities...but it is an illusion. We cannot walk behind the painted building to touch the mountain in the distance.

Thus, I love creating in the dimension of illusion. I embrace the soft paint on my hand, the watery color wave on a surface, shape mimicking form, soft brushes moving color along, values dark and light, a single line implying horizon, large to small appears to equal space. There is freedom to explore without consequence.


I am an artist who has yet to take a photography class; consequently, what I see is what you see...a single shot, with my phone camera, no multiple shots. For me, there is one moment, the time is right, or it is not, the captured image either works or it does not.

Kayaking, walking, early morning, early evening, moon rising, sun setting, noticing and capturing fragments of time as it moves through my surroundings, an image is never manipulated or enhanced in any way other than cropping.

“Unsolved Bath” is my one story telling photo event...single shots of dropped objects in water.

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